WATCH: Autism Mom Drops Truth Bombs About Vaccines

Honey Rinicella has two teeenage twins with autism. She calls herself “pro-safety” over “anti-vaccine.”

“There is no one size fits all, there is no universal fit.”

“I fully support vaccinations, I do, but they need to be safer.”

She also discusses that the measles cases in California contained 29 vaccinated children.

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3 Comments on "WATCH: Autism Mom Drops Truth Bombs About Vaccines"

  1. Carmi Hazen | 05/05/2017 at 6:56 pm | Reply

    Right on! The concept of vaccination is INSANE! We don’t “catch” diseases, we acquire them by altering our internal “soil.” Dr. Rife observed way back in the 1930s that we carry inside of us, the seeds of our own destruction. They are pleomorphic meaning that they change form and function based upon the “soil chemistry” they grow in. He found 10 families, each containing 14 stages. This isn’t so far fetched as Nature shows us Her equivalent. Tadpoles become frogs, caterpillars become butterflys. All is right with nature. Thinking a germ causes disease is ridiculous. The disease comes first, the germs arrive later as Nature’s scavengers. Blaming them as causative for disease is like blaming the firemen for the fire. ABSURD! Carmi Hazen

  2. You live in a house. i built/build them professionally from below the basement to above the chimney – some were million dollar homes. How do you pretend that you have the expertise to LIVE in a house, much less rearrange the furniture? To imply that ONLY people that get brainwashed by drug-pushers for years are capable of understanding medical studies and abstracts is just ridiculous.

    If you can’t – don’t extrapolate that to other people.

    You don’t need a Phd to figure out what a medical abstract says – and HEY – it’s a summation of the study. Sometimes you want to or have to read the actual study to find out that HEY! Their “placebo” group was given 2 other vaccines than what was being tested – and their (fake) placebo contains all sorts of the same toxic ingredients as the vaccine they test against – with an omission or substitution of the pathogen involved.

    It would be like saying – we are going to test this cake baked with arsenic, cyanide, and sarin residues – and our placebo is going to be missing the Sarin gas.

    Magically, the results pretty much killing everyone – indicating that the cake with the Sarin residue is not significantly more dangerous than the “placebo”. Someone needs to teach Vaxassination proponents what a true placebo is – but since EVERY safety test involves such dishonesty and bad science – they can’t/wont because it would show how nasty and bad the JABBER philosophy really is.

    Don’t get me wrong – you want to jab your kids and self – that’s your choice, go right ahead and help Darwin out here, but don’t propose that i have to follow YOUR dictates and get jabbed. Nobody has the right to make that decision for me at all…

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