WATCH: Unborn Babies Being Prepared For Transhumanism Through Vaccines

In his book, The Singularity is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology, Kurzweil states, “In the future, there will be no distinction between human and machine, or between physical and virtual reality.”

Is that time now upon us and are vaccines the ultimate path to converting human life to artificial intelligence.?

In my February 14th blog, I wrote,

Transhumanism is a futuristic concept where man and technology blend, resulting in soulless intelligent machines. It is a movement that favors the evolution of a new species of human through the use of integrative circuitry. Referred to as “human betterment for the post-human era,” transhumanists assume that humanity will only be enhanced by machines. No damage. No degradation. No possibility for coercion or domination. In a post-human world, humanity as we know it will be obsolete.”

The following video breaks down the theory and puts forth some stunning revelations about the scope of vaccines.

Televisions, the media, and all the likes are related to shifting the brains of our youth and herding them as sheep. The fact is, our modern life has become so inventive that we are beyond “invention for good” and upon us is the seeds for self-destruction that will leave the power of the world into the hands of a small few. Pharmaceutical companies, the Federal Reserve, will be the last agents left standing if this continues unabated.

Some believe that autistic symptoms are caused by vaccines numbing a human’s ability to access emotions and the decision-making part of the brain, the frontal lobe. Are we ultimately doomed or is there any hope to stop this madness?

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3 Comments on "WATCH: Unborn Babies Being Prepared For Transhumanism Through Vaccines"

  1. Glad I found this site-very informative and interesting (and not surprisingly disturbing as well).

  2. Been wondering when this vile evil act was going to be tying into the act of transhumanism. The Lesbian and Gay agenda has nothing to do whatsoever with sexuality, neither does transgenderism, nor does being gay or lesbian, or any of these so called “sex” choices that people are clamoring for these days; but it is however, a sell-out to baphomet, (the god of the freemasons), who is the god/figure of Lucifer as well.
    By becoming a transgender, or a person who has rejected what God has made us to be, and by chosing what we decide to be instead, we are clearly rejecting God and surrendering our lives to Lucifer instead of our Creator!
    This is a sell out that is disguised as a sexual issue when in fact, it is a clearly a spiritual issue!
    When we can reject who God has made us to be, and chose the enemy above that, we are clearly selling out to the devil, and we have been deceived by him all along because we no longer use discernment, and are ready to go to hell for him.
    The Bible says we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities. and powers. in high places.
    Ephesians 6:12
    12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
    You have chosen your destiny all of you transgenders, and gay lifestyles and you continue to come up with the defense that you were born that way. I’m sorry, God does not make people as mistakes…..if you knew Him, you would understand that. He is coming back soon and I pray that you would repent and come to know Jesus before it is too late. God bless you.

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