Oklahoma Kids Diagnosed With Conversion Therapy

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The Superintendent of Dewey Public Schools has notified the community of what appears to be a frightening diagnosis of a group for a group of public school children. But the diagnosis and frequency of the illness is leaving parents not only frightened but with more questions than answers.

Several school children were unable to walk and suffered seizures.

“She can’t walk. She walks like a toddler learning how to walk for the first time,” Madden said to Newson6.

Superintendent Vince Vincent is blaming the illness, which has been termed “conversion disorder,” on stress and anxiety.

“It’s scary. I don’t know what to do,” Madden said.

Vincent is proclaiming that the school’s buildings are perfectly safe. He also claims the “disorder” is not contagious. Water and mold testing allegedly showed no issues.

“I’m waiting on a neurologist to call me back so they can run some tests on her,” she said. “I seriously think there’s something wrong with her.”

But the state claims that this is not an infectious disease in any way.

Here’s the letter.

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