Ryan Seacrest Seems To Imply Bad Flu Shot Experience

ryan seacrest flu shot
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Live With Kelly And Ryan, ABC’s mid-morning hit TV talk show, wanted to convey a message of solidarity with getting flu shots. They did this by getting their own flu shots. However, co-host Ryan Seacrest was noticeably uneasy throughout the segment, even noting at one point that he had what he implies was a bad flu shot experience.

“The big myth out there is that the flu shot will give you the flu.”Dr. Yapalater states immediately out of the gates after co-host Kelly Ripa notes hosting partner, Ryan Seacrest, “isn’t big on flu shots.”

“Are you sure?” Seacrest hesitantly responds.

“That is not true,” Yapalater says, as Seacrest claims he once felt “something” following a flu shot.

The Dr. also goes on to show off “tiny little needles for those with needle-phobia.”

The doctor also claims they are working on the “holy grail” of the flu vaccines which will work for 5 to 10 years.

Watch the uncomfortable segment now.


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