Pro-Vaccine Doctor Says ‘Get Rid Of All The Whites’

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“I have the solution [for vaccine refusers]….we’ll just get rid of all the whites in the United States.” – Pediatrician Carol J. Baker MD, states to an audience at Texas while serving on a panel with Paul Offit.

You are probably thinking this must be headline baiting. Certainly, this woman’s words have been taken out of context. Well, all the proof is below, decide for yourself.

Think it might be time to be a little bit scared of government intrusion? Listen to this pediatrician make a pitch that “getting rid of all the whites” is the solution to wrangling in vaccine refusers.

Are we now talking about white genocide?

Here terrifying rhetoric doesn’t stop there, she talks about how pediatricians can talk those parents who are vaccine hesitant into vaccinating, therefore, “they are not the problem.”

What’s worse? The other panelists, including Offit, seem to agree by nodding.

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