Alabama Schools Shut Down Over ‘Flu Outbreak’

flu alabama

Flu season has arrived, just as it has every year prior. But somehow, the flu is suddenly a more intense life-threatening situation than in decades past. That is to say, the news is completely unhinged in its flu reporting strategy.

Some schools in Alabama have shut down due to excessive absenteeism caused by the flu. Boaz City Schools, Marshall County Schools, Albertville City School, are among the schools that are closing for Monday and potentially Tuesday.

Boaz school officials say that 10% of students are out sick.

“Stay at home. Do not go to your friends house. Don’t gather in groups because this is where people usually end up catching a virus is when you’re in a group and everybody is coughing on each other so I would say just stay at home,” says Leanne Killion, a health science teacher at Albertville High School.

Schools closing due to excessive absenteeism for any reason isn’t exactly a bad thing. However, the media painting it as earth-shattering is overkill. The flu happens on an annual basis. Schools attempt to accommodate the issue. That’s the story.


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3 Comments on "Alabama Schools Shut Down Over ‘Flu Outbreak’"

  1. Shelley Tzorfas | 01/28/2019 at 4:00 pm | Reply

    Flu shots shed illnesses and the flu onto others. If they stopped flu shots (That still contain Mercury/thimerosal regardless of what the package claims) the flu rate would go down, become less intense as would the rat of Alzheimer’s and other illnesses.

  2. The article implies flu but there is no evidence it’s flu. Having worked outbreaks, this time of year is notorious for Norovirus. Without proper testing, there is no way to say. Typically if a certain % is absent they will close the school for cleaning, it depends on the state guidelines. What needs to be enforced is strict handwashing and covering coughs and sneezes and staying home when sick. This isn’t enforced so it’s like a revolving door.

    • Dee – you’re EXACTLY right – they call everything ‘flu’ even though >85% of illness in the winter is NOT caused by influenza viruses. If you get a flu shot, it is designed to ONLY protect from illness caused by influenza viruses. If it’s Norovirus – or any of 20+ other pathogens that cause flu-like symptoms, it’s not “The Flu.” Thanks for your comment!

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