Pittsburgh Officials Say Dispute CBS Measles Fear-Mongering Article

pittsburgh measles

Last Wednesday night, a CBS report discussing the Northwest “measles outbreak” claimed that a number of cities around the country were equally at risk.

In Washington, which has now declared a state of measles emergency, there is a high-density of non-medical vaccine exemptions.

But the city of Pittsburgh took issue with its name being mentioned in an article geared towards stirring national fear.

“Doctors now worry the virus will spread to other hotspots across the country in large metropolitan areas like Seattle, Phoenix, Detroit and Pittsburgh,” the report said.

Allegheny County officials said this assertion is blatantly false.

“The data in Allegheny County is very similar, if not even a little lower than the rest of the state. The exemptions here are very low,” state health department spokesperson Nate Wardle said.

The CBS report cited discredited data ranked Pittsburgh/Allegheny County as 12th in the nation for personal and religious vaccine exemptions.

“Pennsylvania’s exemption rates are low compared to many other states, and many of the counties in Pennsylvania also have low exemption rates. So the data was incorrect in that study,” Wardle said.

The original CBS report seemingly removed the dis-truth from the article but issued no apology or update for its readers.

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3 Comments on "Pittsburgh Officials Say Dispute CBS Measles Fear-Mongering Article"

  1. Anita Kysor, RN | 01/30/2019 at 11:04 am | Reply

    Had measles, mumps and chicken pox as a child. A little itch, that was it. I am glad I grew up in an era where vaccines were rare, Tylenol was not being used. For fevers, more blankets were piled on me, so I could “sweat it out”. Mumps, measles and chicken pox are milestones in a child’s immune system development-it is known that these childhood dis-eases prevent cancer. Well, that should piss doctors and pHARMaceuticals off. Doctors need to read up on these childhood dis-eases. Most people are well-informed and cannot be frightened by the false “information” given by the media..

  2. I keep hoping measles does come through my area. It’s mild as a kid and I’d like my kids to have immunity to measles and mumps the way they do to chicken pox. I realize I might get it too, but so Be it. At least if my kids have it then they don’t have to worry about vaccinations from a post secondary standpoint. It’s sad that right now their careers are limited by vaccination status.

    • Anita Kysor, RN | 01/30/2019 at 11:06 am | Reply

      Pls call me if your children have any of these dis-eases. I want to be re-exposed to keep my immune system strong. I will bring toys, ice cream, etc for your children.

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