FUNNY: People Are Asked ‘What’s In Your Flu Shot?’

People mindlessly and robotically get flu shots. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that most people have no idea what is in their flu shot.

The video asks people if they know what’s actually in the flu shots they’ve been given. Their answers are both hilarious (and sad). They are asked why Cheetos has to put their ingredients on the label, but Flu shots seem to run lawlessly. Why? I think we know the answer, but this video still remains entertaining.

Many people are terrified if GMO’s are inside of their food, they count carbs and sugar, and they worry about gluten. But they will take a flu shot as if it is an avocado smoothie. Why is that? Well, the system has indoctrinated people into thinking that flu shots are a shot of health, almost as if they are eating an apple. And people have bought into it hook, line and sinker. The people who push flu shots on the rest of us rarely (if ever) know what’s in their flu shots when asked. They also don’t understand the high rate of failure that comes with the flu shot.

Many companies are force feeding flu shots to their employees. Some companies, particularly in the health industry, actually fire employees who opt out of the flu shot. It’s a new form of discrimination and it goes mostly unchecked, although, there have been cases of nurses winning in court.

Flu shot ingredients include formaldehyde, which is toxic to humans. Yet they want us to shove them into our toddlers and into the pregnant among us. It is all about sales and revenue goals. They attempt to find the easiest demographics to sell them to, which is why the elderly is strongly marketed to.

I have never in my life received a flu shot and I’d say I’ve been sick less than many of the people who get them yearly. Why is it that the people who get flu shots are the ones who always seem to be the most sick? There has to be some science to that. Well, turns out, there just might be. Reactions to the flu shot include fevers and rashes.

Additionally, getting a flu can help strengthen your immune system. No one wants to be sick, but it is part of life. Trying to live in some utopia where no one gets sick is impractical and only benefits the flu shot manufacturers.

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