Mom Letter To Michigan Rep ‘Valid Reasons Not To Vaccinate’ Exists

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We thought this was well-stated and worth sharing with everyone. We should all consider writing these letters on a monthly basis to our own representatives. Be heard!

Two bills concerning families and health are on the table right now. HB 4425 and 4426 support individual parental rights, health care freedom, and limited government. Our local representative, Daniela Garcia, opposes these reforms. Since she claims to represent Michigan families, let her show that support by reconsidering her stand. Allow parents to protect their child’s health without being forced to endure strong arm tactics that support big pharma profits and limit our liberties.

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These bills would reverse a new rule imposed by Michigan’s Health Department to “re-educate” those seeking vaccine waivers for their children. This involves a special appointment and education session with a health care worker, and signing a rigid, lengthy waiver. Valid reasons for religious, philosophical and medical exemptions are all present in vaccine ingredients and the risk factors listed in manufacturer’s vaccine package insert.

Very few long-term safety studies exist comparing health of vaccinated with unvaccinated children since the drastically increased shot schedule of 69 doses of 16 vaccines by age 18. This isn’t the schedule we grew up with. The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 shields vaccine manufacturers from lawsuits when their product causes death or injury. And $3.6 billion has been awarded to children and adults in the U.S. since that act passed. By the time parents decide to get a waiver, they are already well educated on this issue.

Rep. Garcia is wrong to pressure them to change their mind. She should vote yes on these bills. (source of letter)



3 Comments on "Mom Letter To Michigan Rep ‘Valid Reasons Not To Vaccinate’ Exists"

  1. My Dearest Sherry what do we do I tell people as much as I can, they look at me like I have 3 heads!!!! Very Frustrated in Pa.

  2. Denise Powers | 08/05/2017 at 2:31 pm | Reply

    Gates is evil….and his god is Satan….Vaccines are the biggest medical fraud ever perpetrated on humanity. We cannot trust our medical system or the doctors anymore. They have been indoctrinated, brainwashed with lies all for the profit of the drug corporations and the elites de-population programs. Gates said it himself on speech he was giving to the Council on Foreign Relations….he said it is a good de-population means, can keep the population from growing as we cannot sustain all these people.,,,the useless eaters…which is a complete crock…all of their lies you cannot believe anything they put out there.

    • I just sent this email to a friend: I’m out of patience with the “play nice.” I have no tolerance for “bring them along gently.” It’s like watching a house burn down and whispering to the owner he should get out of harm’s way. Would hand holding and being nice be the appropriate thing to do? of course not. But that’s what we are doing, watching children…adolescents…adults….burn to the ground while we’re afraid to offend someone.

      The human genome is nearly gone. Deteriorating. Daily. We’re in uncharted territory about the long term consequences to humans, to animals and to every element of planetary destruction. If you can’t do this for yourself, do it for your kids and grandkids.

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