Leaked Pentagon Video Shows Vaccine Designed to Modify Behavior

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The power of vaccines is immense and expansive, no matter what side of the fence you might be on. But a video on Youtube takes the nefarious possibilities of vaccine application to an entirely new level.

You might just not want to watch this, particularly if you want a good night’s sleep.


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3 Comments on "Leaked Pentagon Video Shows Vaccine Designed to Modify Behavior"

  1. It is only a matter of time before they can turn every human being on the planet into a robotic slave. If we allow the governments of the world to unite under one flag under one ruler we shall march humanity into eternal thralldom. Your children will be mindless slaves forever.

  2. did y’all LISTEN to this? they are “proposing” putting an anti fundamentalist vaccine in other vaccines to prevent religious fanatics, they specifically said for use in Afghanistan, and if you THINK that’s where they’d STOP? you’re delusional!! man if they can affect the brain to that extent? it’s scary days people. Here’s a thought, what gives these weasels the RIGHT to even think about this? that they could modify humans like this? And what are the consequences globally if the virus mutates? w/in or without a human? what happens then (by their own words here, said they’d put this anti-fanatic vaccine in either the flu vaccine or pneumonia vaccine. WOW just WOW!! the unmitigated Gaul!!

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